Player Development

NSHC Hockey Club Player Development Program 2018

The primary development strategy for players in NSHC Hockey Club is to provide for high quality routine training sessions and competition games. We aim to run these safely, responsibly and with clear purpose in progressing the fitness, core skills, game awareness and team participation skills of all players.
To this end, NSHC actively promotes the education of its coaches as the primary custodians of NSHC team training and games. We invite feedback at any time for further improvement opportunity.

In 2018, incremental player development activity will be provided in the form of:

  • NSHC Pre-season Academy: A 3 session academy for 5-17 year olds, from beginners to the more experienced, a fun chance to brush up on core skills in advance of club or representative trials.  Please
  • NSHC Senior first grade players attending and hosting junior training:  During the season our Men’s or Women’s top squad (1st and 2nd grade) senior teams will attend NSHC Junior training at Hepburn Park for the purposes of assisting team coaches and junior players in their training efforts.  We are delighted to facilitate this chance for some of our very best senior players to share their experience with all NSHC youngsters.

Your club will continue to work hard to maximise the player development opportunity for every member and we invite your suggestions at any time. We are ever mindful of attempting to provide good value for the costs of hockey today and are fortunate to have a great group of volunteers on which we heavily rely. If you are able to help, we would greatly welcome your assistance and in doing so we may well find the resource to grow the player development offering yet further into the future.